As one of the China’s first 6 pilot enterprise dedicated to technical innovation, Founder Group has won the honorary title of ‘the state’s demonstration enterprise dedicated to technical innovation” numerous times.

At present, Founder Group owns seven public companies listed in the Stock Exchange of Shanghai, Hong Kong and Malaysia with over 30 solely funded enterprises and joint ventures and over 35,000 employees in service. In 2012, Founder Group’s total income, total assets and net assets reached RMB61.8 billion, 78.2 billion and 32.4 billion respectively.

This merger signifies a stronger enlarged Group with a competitive edge, as Founder’s strong brand recognition and wide network in China, will allow RHM Group access to a platform for generating stronger income for the Group.

The future for RHM looms brighter for 2014 as the Group continues to strengthen its existing core full system advertising services business by expanding on its three major pillars of growth, focusing totally in the E-Business sector. These include content distribution, social media platform and E-Payment.

E-Content Distribution will include offerings of electronic books and publications through the Internet and presents opportunities as an advertising platform, as well as recurring revenues from subscriptions.

Originally, the E-Content Business was a subsidiary in Nanyang Press Holdings Berhad and it has now grown from a homegrown business model towards a bigger regional scale.