JDF-PDF Workflow Management System
Version 4.61
Released in Jan 2009

Fully integrated JDF / PDF pre-press workflow
ElecRoc is an easy-to-use, scalable workflow solution designed to meet the needs of all pre-press environments. It integrates the latest core technologies from Founder Electronics to provide a complete JDF PDF workflow solution.
ElecRoc provides all the functionality required for job management, integrated JDF / PDF creation, preflighting, RIPing, trapping, imposition, ICC profiles and color proofing, and output device support.

Set-up and automate jobs from PC or Macintosh™
Users can access ElecRoc from any Mac or PC client through the Internet or an Intranet. Users can create a Job Ticket workflow by simply dragging and dropping icons from the intuitive screen menu. Workflow design and configuration is easy-to-learn and easy-to-use. Frequently used workflows can be saved for re-use and to simplify Job Ticket workflow even further, workflow modules can be pre-configured with default settings.

Leading PDF performance that meets your print production needs
ElecRoc enables native processing of PDF files through the PDF Generator module which converts PostScript, PDF, EPS, TIFF and other file formats to standard single-page PDF 1.5 compliant files. All page content, including text and images, is embedded into the PDF file eliminating errors and simplifying archiving. Users can quickly preview thumbnails or enlarge the PDF files for further verification. The optional preflight function can certify the converted PDF file. The PDF Merger function combines single PDF pages into one multi-page PDF file for remote soft proofing or final output.

Imposition and composition for rapid, accurate output
ElecRoc Imposition Processor allows users to apply imposition signature templates for CTP jobs. Users can configure binding type, creep control, bleed control and page location control. Users can also instantly see previews and make last minute changes to the imposition. The final imposition is JDF based, thus increasing the processing speed.

The ElecRoc Combination Processor (Composer & AutoComposer) allows manual or automatic ganging of jobs for output, saving time and materials.

Quality assured digital color proofing
With ElecRoc's fully integrated digital color proofing module and device drivers, users can output color proofs to a wide range of devices from manufacturers such as Epson and HP. The built-in linearization feature integrates Kodak’s Color Management System (CMS) for excellent color control.

Wide support of output devices to meet individual production needs
Founder ElecRoc supports output to over 100 CTP, CTF, Indigo press, laser printer and digital proofing devices. Founder ElecRoc also provides 1 bit TIFF output that is accepted by most leading output vendors.
Advanced PDF preflight and PDF vector trapping for improved efficiency and quality
Founder ElecRoc has a plug-in PDF preflight module to ensure everything necessary for a job is present.

Founder ElecRoc also includes PDF plug-in trapping option that creates traps between vector objects, images and shadings. This plug-in option provides the ability to trap vector images with higher speed while not compromising quality.