Accurate proof predicting screen, color and content
Version 4.0
Released in August 2007

Produce accurate content and color proofs
Founder EagleDot color & dot proofing produces digital proofs direct from graphic arts input files allowing creative professionals to spot errors in content and create print accurate proofs. EagleDot can also simulate the dot shapes of press samples, i.e. it can indicate the screening problem of jobs.

New intuitive GUI makes it easy to use:

Accurately predict press output to save time, money and stress
Founder EagleDot digital screen proofing produces digital contract proofs based on the same 1 bit TIFF created for your imagesetter (CTF) or platesetter (CTP). EagleDot contract proofs check for moiré interferences or rosette pattern to spot errors before the creation of CTP plates or CTF film. EagleDot accurately predicts the color, content and screen dot of the final press output to allow the user to match proof and print.

Programmed calibration makes implementation simple, and fast.
Digital proofing users have struggled with time-consuming system calibration for years. Founder EagleDot 4.0 now enables you to easily and accurately calibrate color with the help of a Color Calibration Wizard. This includes features to generate a linearization curve, to decide total ink coverage, to create a device ICC profile, to create a source ICC profile, or load an existing source ICC profile, to perform circular recursion to reduce average color difference, and more.

Unlike conventional calibration, EagleDot also provides a function that will automatically identify deviation from the original state - and fix it. This ensures consistency of color proof quality, and reduces labor costs.

EagleDot version 4.0 Supports PANTONE® Color libraries
It is easy to simulate spot colors (including customer-defined spot colors)

Easy to adjust color

Automated proof production
Founder EagleDot can accept jobs through your network directly from the program menu, or via AppleTalk, NT Pipe or Hot Folders. Hot folders can be individually configured to ensure accurate color, content and output media.

Note: AppleTalk & NT Pipe are supported by the EagleDot with RIP Option Key.

The system supports most popular printers from leading vendors such as Epson, HP, Canon, and more.

Proof Preview
Save ink, ensure output quality and reduce errors with fast and flexible color and screening preview

Ensure the output is accurate by previewing screening and color on your PC monitor prior to committing to using ink and printing a proof. Preview features include preview of screening, color separations and composites, along with functions such as zoom, mirror and rotate.

More security means more production
EagleDot’s template password protection feature helps reduce user errors. Templates can be developed and authorized by the system supervisor. Approved templates are password protected ensuring jobs are processed consistently. EagleDot includes a Template Library for secure permanent or temporary backup.

Save media and time with automatic tiling and ganging
EagleDot’s auto-ganging function can combine small pages or jobs of varying sizes to match the output media size allowing the user to reduce costs by optimizing media usage.

Retain Black printing for lower production costs
EagleDot Retain Black ink option provides for true Retain Black printing of text and gray elements for lower ink costs.

Over 30 years of quality and reliability
The creator of the world’s first RIP and Chinese character digital fonts, Founder has led the world since 1975 in graphics arts technologies.

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