Founder's Accurate Gravure Screening Technology
Version 2.0

EagleAGS (Accurate Gravure Screening) is an option for Founder's EagleRIP software, with screening designed especially to improve the quality of gravure printing.

EagleAGS includes leading-edge technologies for the advanced control of dot shape and screen angle, as well as image enhancement capabilities, providing significantly increased print quality.

EagleAGS will reduce moiré and provide accurate, vibrant reproduction of images when printed in process color.

Based on a patented method of designing screen dot-shapes, EagleAGS provides a smooth-brimmed concave dot at any density. This meets the need of precise ink-transfer in gravure printing and provides a perfect round screen dot that avoids a "Watermark" phenomenon when etching plates. The method of image level enhancement ensures the total reproduction level up to 65535 gray levels with no harmful artifacts.
EagleAGS version 2.0 includes three new Gravure Screen Shapes
EagleAGS - Pin Cushion
In the solid area of this dot shape, the dot edge is cissoidal. In the etching process, the cissoidal dot will become a standard square shape. The wall between dots will be more solid. This can improve the effect in the solid area and avoid a ripple pattern.
EagleAGS - Hexagonal
Hexagonal gravure screening can improve the solid area level arriving at 80%, as compared with the conventional dot at about 65%. It can produce more screen levels in gravure printing and achieve quality similar to electronic gravure techniques.
EagleAGS - T-Shape
In this dot, ink among the dots can float a little. It can compensate the ink of nearby dots. Usually used in line work or text, it can eliminate zigzag effects.

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Key Features
  • EagleAGS provides a smoothly brimmed concave dot shape in any density level to fit the need of ink-transfer in gravure printing.
  • EagleAGS ensures the symmetry of the dot shape in order to avoid "Watermark" phenomenon in plate etching. The image level enhancement feature ensures maximum reproduction level up to 65535 with no negative artifacts.
  • EagleAGS reduces moiré caused by four-color overprinting and provide accurate reproduction of image colors.