Protect your documents with DocuDefend
600dpi Anti-copy Document Security Solution

Founder DocuDefend is an office anti-copy printing tool that brings the security background feature found in many high-end laser printers and multi-function printers to any 600 DPI laser printer.

DocuDefend is easy to setup, calliabrate and use, works with all standard fonts and includes user-selectable, specially designed background patterns.

Desktop Copy Security

Key Features

  • Professional document security at a low cost
  • Secure, fast and stable
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to configureEasy to use
  • Pre-defined or custom text message
  • Use any font
  • Choice of attractive pre-defined high-security background patterns
  • Wide range of usage
  • Runs on standard Microsoft Windows operating systems

Target Market

Because DocuDefend puts an invisible security anti-copy message in the background patterns added to documents, the application is perfectly suited to any office environment which has an increased need for document security and anti-copy protection.

  • Government Departments
  • Civil Service
  • IT Departments
  • Enterprise office users
  • Law offices
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Medical offices
  • Hospitals
  • Realtors

Founder DocuDefend is designed to enable users of 600 DPI laser printers to embed a security message or image into specially designed background patterns included in the application. These messages will be invisible to the viewer of the original document, but will appear when the document is photocopied.
DocuDefend supports file formats from all popular office productivity applications such as MS Word®, MS Excel®, MS PowerPoint®, Open Office, Corel® WordPerfect and Adobe® PDF. Users can choose from pre-defined watermark text messages such as “COPY” or compose their own. DocuDefend works with all MS Windows® fonts and enables the user to select font style, angle and font size. Also, any user-defined bitmap image can be used as a watermark.

The DocuDefend application comes with several specially designed background patterns that can be used for either full-page watermarks or toner-saving security strip watermarks. The built-in calibration tool simplifies set-up, enabling the user to make print density and contrast tests of patterns and texts to optimize output for virtually any 600dpi laserprinter.